Trekking in Svanetia

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Trekking in Svanetia


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Svanetia is one of the world's most magical regions. Snowy dramatic peaks rise above lush and flower filled valleys where life has changed little over the last 1000 years. Located in the heart of Svanetia, Mestia is the main town and cultural heart of the Svan people. Though their language is different to Georgian, the Svan epitomise all that is Georgian and represent the heart of Georgian culture. Only in 1935 was a road built to link Mestia with the outside world. The road was tarmaced and electricity was later brought to Mestia as well. Since the end of the Soviet period little has been done to improve the town and the main old hotels have long closed and are gradually disintegrating. On the positive side a new museum has been built to house Georgian and local treasures and plans are being implemeted to rebuild the mountain tourism infrastructure of the region.

Our trek takes us through the heart of this magnificent land. We will visit several of the unique villages including Mestia and Ushguli. The walking is horse supported apart from days 5 and 6 where you have to carry your own luggage.

    Outline Itinerary:
  1. Arrive Tbilisi. Hotel. No meals.
  2. Full day city tour of Tbilisi.
  3. Drive to Kutaisi. On the way we visit Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia. Visit Gelati and Bagrati Temples. Night in Kutaisi.
  4. Via Zugdidi drive up to Svaneti. Night in Mestia, provincial centre of Svaneti.
  5. Drive to village Mazeri. Start trek along the path leading to the south slopes of Mt. Ushba (4710m) and Guli Glacier. Camp at about 2900m on the south-east side from Ushba.
  6. Full day trek up to the pass and then down to Mestia.
  7. Drive to the spectacular village of Mulakhi. Trek the foot of Mt. Tetnuldi (4975m). Camp at 2300m.
  8. Full day trek to cross the pass over 3000m. and trek down to Adishi Valley. Camp.
  9. Trek up to the pass and after full day tiring trek we set up the camp in the Khalde Valley.
  10. Trek to Enguri River Valley. We have amazing views of Mt. Shkhara, (5201m) the highest summit of Georgia. We reach village Ushguli (2400m) where we stay overnight at private houses.
  11. Visit Ushguli and drive to Mestia where we visit the museum and stay at a private house.
  12. Long day driving to Tbilisi.
  13. Free day in Tbilisi. For extra we can organise a half day trip to David Gareja Monastery. Night in Tbilisi.
  14. End of the trip.
    Accommodation (in twin rooms):
  • 4 nights in Tbilisi at a 3* "Varazi", "Tori", or similar.
  • 1 night in Kutaisi at a private guesthouse. Bathroom is shared.
  • 3 nights in Mestia at a private house. Bathroom is shared. Basic conditions.
  • 1 night in Ushguli at a private house. Bathroom is shared. Basic conditions.
  • 4 nights camping.
  • All food except for dinners and one lunch in Tbilisi.
  • An English speaking mountain guide throughout the tour.
  • A cook (on a group size of 6 and more pax).
  • Local assistants in Svaneti.
  • Guide in Tbilisi.
  • Horses to carry all group and personal equipment (only on days 7 - 10). Note: On days 5 and 6 clients have to carry their own luggage.
  • All entrance fees to the sites and museums.

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