Weather and Climate for Libya

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Weather and Climate for Libya

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Weather and Climate for Libya
Weather and Climate for Libya
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Weather and Climate

Both the Mediterranean Sea and the desert affect Libya's climate. In the winter, the weather is cool with some rain on the coast and in the drier the desert temperature can drop to sub-freezing at night.

The Sahara is basically very dry and hot in the summer and cool and dry in the winter. Temperatures in the summer can reach 50°C during the day but more commonly are around 40°C. Night temperatures can vary from 30 to 40°C. Some people have found travelling in summer rewarding, most do not. The best time for visiting the Sahara is probably from October to April, at this time temperatures range from 15 to 30°C during the day and from 5 to 20°C at night. You are unlikely to encounter rainfall, but if you do it is most likely in January or February and rarely lasts long. Often after the rains the desert comes to life with flowers. This generally happens in late February or March.

Occasionally you may encounter the Gibli - a strong, hot, dust laden wind that can make travelling quite unpleasant.

Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers in the Acacus

Water in wadi
a rare sight: water in wadi

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