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Customs and Religion

Customs and Religion

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Customs and Religion

Moroccans are religious people. Islamic practices affect all aspects of life, especially in more remote communities. As in all Islamic communities the call to prayer will be heard several times a day. During the holy month of Ramadan (which takes place at a different time each year), Moslems fast from daybreak till sunset. This fast puts a great strain on them as they will often rise at 4am to have breakfast. In towns some shops in the Ramadan month are closed for long periods during daylight hours and also at dusk many shops close for an hour while the fasting population have their meal.

Woman are relatively free in Morocco, most walk around without veils and take part in all aspects of life. Non-Moroccan women should be sensitive to traditions concerning dress. In particular shorts and short skirts and low-cut dresses are considered provocative and should be avoided in towns or villages. When swimming a full bathing costume is strongly recommended for women except for private hotel pools or wild beaches. Men should also avoid bearing themselves too much except in the more informal desert surroundings. In towns shorts are acceptable for men except when visiting religious sites or if invited to visit an Arab family. When passing or receiving any item, in particular food, the right hand should be used.

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