Kilimanjaro map and guide

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Kilimanjaro Map and Guide

The climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is generally trekked along any one of the five main routes, Machame route,  Marangu route,  Lemosho route,  Rongai route or the less used Umbwe route. Our acclaimed and very popular map and guide was made as a direct result of our time spent on the mountain and our experienced gained. You’ll find it has just the right amount of information:

Geology and Glaciology
Flora and Fauna
Medical Aspects
Access and Walking Routes
Climbing Routes
Porters and Guides
Useful Contacts

Alongside the detailed and easy to follow maps that will make your trek of Kilimanjaro even more enjoyable. It’s available from Amazon and directly from us, and we accept payment via Paypal or Credit and Debit card.

ISBN 0-906227-66-6   Published by EWP 1998.    Size: 840×570, with cover.
Cost including post & packaging: €10.00 (Europe), £6 (UK) or $13.50 (worldwide)

Main Map:
1:75,000 – 4 colour, Topographical, Kilimanjaro & Access Routes
Other Maps:
1:30,000 – 2 colour Topographical Map of Summit Area
1:20,000 – Topographical Map of Mawenzi
1:682,000 – Roads around Kilimanjaro
Information in German and French
GPS=3 Eastings and Northings at 10′ intervals.

kilimanjaro map and guide


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