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Walks on the Wild SideWalks on the Wild Side (Kilimanjaro - February) is a series of films produced by West Park Pictures for the Discovery Channel. The film depicts an ascent of Kilimanjaro the camera representing the eyes and experiences of a climber as he makes the ascent and meets others along the route. The Kilimanjaro Film was made using the Lemosho Route, one of the most remote and least used routes on the mountain. The team included: Simon Normanton (director / cameraman), Will Hustler (cameraman), David Jalenga (sound recordist), Lucy Wallace (assistant producer), Andrew Wielochowski (EWP guide), Joseph Marandu (ZARA Guide).

Walks on the Wild Side Picture Gallery

Ben FogleExtreme Dreams (Libya - March) is a series of films where applicants from the general public in the UK are selected to join Ben Fogle on an adventurous walk. The series is produced by Ricochet Studios for BBC2. The route was designed by EWP with the help of local Tuareg guides and involved traversing the Acacus Mountains to the ancient Tuareg town of Ghat. The longest day involved 25kms of walking and, although in the relatively cool month of March, the midday temperatures sometimes rose to over 30°C .

The group included:
Film Crew: Katie Crawford, Richard Farish, Dom Hill, Neil Kent, Kirsty Mitchell and Lloyd Williamson.
Contributors: Angela Agor, Ashley Hughes, Paul Griffiths and Lindsay Scaife.
Also: Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed and Ahmed Amoar (guides), Yousef Alkilani (Waradd), Masrud Barka (translator), Alex Bohanna (first aid), Ben Fogle (presenter), Andrew Wielochowski Jnr. and Snr. (EWP staff). Other staff included 16 porters, 7 drivers, 3 camel handlers and 1 cook.

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