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Welcome to our comments book. Below is a sample of comments from just a few of our guest over the years. We welcome any feedback, whether you have been on any of our trips or even if you are just visiting our website.

Add a comment to the comments book by sending us an email - thank you.

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Hi Debbie

Now that we've returned from our (successful) trip to Mt kenya I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks to you and to also convey some positive feedback for the team used in Kenya. Our guide for the whole trip was Kingston (Dickson's cousin) and he and all of his team worked tirelessly to keep us happy. As well as Kingston's hard work (particularly following the trek where he quickly organised our accommodation, travel and safari), particular praise should go to our cook (Kingston's brother) and his assistant who did a great job of keeping us well fed with interesting and nutritious food in often very difficult conditions and from which none of us became sick (one of our fears beforehand given the difficulties with hygiene on such an expedition), as well as providing a constant stream of hot drinkable water.
I'm delighted to say that being blessed with the weather we made it to the top of both Nelion and Batian, but none of us were in any doubt that Kingston and his team made a very significant contribution toward our success.

Thanks again and a very Happy New Year!
December 2011

I would recommend EWP and Zara to anyone who wants a successful trek up Mount Kilimanjaro.
Thank you for making this a wonderful trip!
November 2011

Hi Debbie

I never got a chance to thank you for the beautiful arrangements we had a great time and made it in 5 days and everything and Kabila were superb thank you again. Keep up the good work.

Best regards
November 2011

Hi Debbie

We are all back and we all made it to the top; Zara tours did a great job; we had an excellent Chief Guide, Joseph "Photo", and Assistant guides

Thanks again for all your help
October 2011

Please accept my compliments on providing an outstanding mountain climbing experience—my wife and I plan to come back for a safari in 2012!

Many thanks to Debbie for such an amazing job in organizing and managing our team!

October 2011

Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to let you know we had an amazing time on safari and everything worked out so well, thanks very much!!

October 2011

Tony and I returned on Sat night after a fantastic trip to Morroco. Abdullah our guide was fantastic and did a wonderful job of looking after us both, his uncle the cook (Chef would be a better title) kept us supplied with great food throughout and the two muleteers were good company. The trrek was quite tough but very enjoyable and Tony and myself have nothing but praise for the staff and the itinery. (we both made the summit in a reasonable time)

Where to next?

Thanks again and Best Regards
August 2011

Hi Debbie,

I want to personally thank you for the great job that you did in helping me get this climb lined up. Please see my comments on the feedback form and I hope they don't go unnoticed by your boss.

All the Best,
July 2011

Hey Debbie,

I hope you’ve been keeping well since we last spoke. I just wanted to let you know that we had an absolutely brilliant time in Tanzania with Zara. Everything worked out perfectly – the pick up from our hotel, the safaris, the tents, the travelling - all of it exceeded our expectations and we were very sad to move on.

So thank you very much for all of your help in organising it. We’ll be sure to be in touch for future trips.

All the best,
July 2011

I would recommend Gody and his crew to any group planning to climb Kilimanjaro!

July 2011

We would like to thank Zara for their organisation of our recent Kili trip led by your guide Gilbert and assistant guide Raphael.

We would commend Zara for a well organised event and could not speak highly enough of the guides who led us. Gilbert led and operated a smooth organisation that we could find no fault with. The food was better than we were led to expect which was a bonus. We would be pleased to recommend that friends wanting to have a Kilimanjaro experience book through your company.

July 2011

Just to say a huge thank you for making our honeymoon so special. The service we received from Zara was excellent.

The climb up Kilimanjaro was fantastic. Photo, our chief guide, and Living, our secondary guide were brilliant. They made the trip very enjoyable. They answered all the questions we had and it felt like we were in very good hands on summit night.

The summit itself was difficult but we were encouraged all the way up by the guides. We made it to the top a few minutes after sunrise. One of the best moments of our lives (other than saying 'I do' seven days earlier!) Absolutely incredible experience.

The team that helped us up the mountain were also fantastic. The days ran very smoothly with so much hard work going on in the background. The food was beyond expectations.

The safari was absolutely incredible also. We were lucky enough to see the Big 5 plus lots of other animals. Our favourite part was camping in the Serengeti as we could hear the animals at night outside the tent. Our guide Mohammed was excellent. Very chatty and willing to go the distance to ensure we saw the animals.

Thank you very much EWP and Zara for making our trip so memorable and special. Definitely a trip of a lifetime.

Claire and James
June 2011

Everything was excellent! Thank you for a great and smooth trip. Special thanks to Photo and his team, Mohammed, and the whole staff of Springlands Hotel.We did have a great time in Tanzania and enjoyed immensely both the climb and the safari.

Thank you and the whole team for organizing this!

June 2011

Loved my experience, would book through you again!

May 2011

Delighted with both EWP and ZARA. The standard of service was very good in all aspects and the cost was extremely competitive. Would definitely recommend to others.We were very happy with our guides, who were very helpful and a pleasure to spend time with.

Many thanks and kind regards,
April 2011

Dear Andrew,

Yesterday I got a feed back from Karola regarding the Lycean Way trekking tour you have organized for the 8 ladies; all of them were very positive impressed about the organization itself, best food all over the week as well as the accommodation facilities.

All had a lot of fun and a lot of fantastic impressions of the sites and the views. Overall it has been a unique trekking tour they will never forget.

For all that Karola and friends as well as me would like to express our gratitude to you and to Christian who contributed mostly to daily enjoyment.

Dankeschön und aufwiedersehen

April 2011

Hi Deb

I just wanted to tell you that we had a fantastic trip to Kili. Photo and his team were absolutely marvellous and looked after and fussed over us the whole trip. We had fantastic meals prepared by Deo and how he managed to concoct hose meals on a gas ring in a tent is beyond me. We were lucky with the weather and only got caught in rain and snow a couple of times, but our tents were already up and dry and welcoming. Everything went smoothly and Photo had it all organised!! It was very good to do the circuit and we both were glad that we did not just go up and down on the Marangu route!

Best wishes

March 2011

Hi Debbie,

  Just to let you know that myself and David returned from Kenya on Thursday night after a very enjoyable and successful trip up the mountain and visits to the elephant and giraffe centre's. Excellent accommodation and great weather especially on the mountain made it a memorable trip.

  Well looked after by both Dickson and the guide Kingston and his team. So thanks again for all your efforts re info and answering endless emails. I'm now away to look at some great photos while the washing machine works overtime.

  Thanks again,
Andy and David

March 2011

I will recommend EWP/ZARA to my friends


February 2011

  Dear Debbie,

Thank you very much for helping us organise the trip! We had a fantastic time (and made it to the top!) - shame to have to come back to reality with a big bump - only been back 6 days and feel as if it was ages ago already! Oh well...back to saving for the next trip ;-)

Thanks again,

February 2011

  Dear Debbie

I'm back from the Safari and Kilimanjaro. I reached the Uhuru Peak what I am proud a little bit of. Everything was organized very well and I am very contented with the course of the trip.

Best Regards

January 2011

  We will like to say that our guide Faustine was the best, thanks to his knowledge of the mountain and experience we all got to the summit, his capacity of organizing everything made our journey very pleasant and enjoyable, he knew how to take us each day, pole-pole, from one camp to the other. We highly recommended him.
The day of the summit, we started our walking with Faustine and Paulo, my wife got very tired and Paulo who stayed with her took her to the summit I am going to use her words “Paulo was the perfect guide he stayed with me and helped me to get to the summit, he was very patient and he knew the best way to get me there he demonstrated experience not only in the mountain but in the best way to treat people ”.
We will like to mention each of the porters because all of them were very nice to us and they all know how to do their job in the best manner possible.
We also want to give our special recommendation of Godbless on the Safari, he was very good at finding all the animals in every park that we visited. He answered all our questions and he was always willing to satisfy our needs. As a driver he was very good.


January 2011

  Hi Debbie,

We had a fantastic time and all 3 of us made it to the top.Photo/Joseph and Joe were great guides, worked well together and helped make the trip more enjoyable would recommend them to anyone else thinking of the trip.



January 2011


Just a quick note to say thanks for everything. The whole trip went like clockwork and every member of our group was very pleased with the accommodation, guides, food. Photo and his team were excellent and last but not least yourself for making all the arrangements. You are an asset to your company.

Thanks again


October 2010

  Good morning Debbie,

As you know by now we all successfully summited Kili

A unique feature of our group is that we covered six decades. My son jonathan is 28, Pat and Dan in 30s, Peter is 43, Dave 56, Chris is 63 and me at 71. Our excellent guide Joseph(Photo) tells me that I now hold the record as being the oldest client he has taken to the summit. I could not have achieved this without the help of Desi, an assistant guide. I bought a new pair of boots for the trek and at the end thought it was appropriate to leave them in Tanzania and presented them to Desi having checked they were the correct size!

We were all impressed by the organisation for the trek and I would have no hesitation in recommending Zara in future.

Best regards,

October 2010

  Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to write a thank you for the Kilimanjaro trip you helped us out with last month. It was really awesome and we loved it!!!


September 2010

  Dear Debbie,

I have talked to our group of 6 people visiting Tanzania two weeks ago. They are most of all very proud of climbing Kilimanjaro. Secondly they loved the safaris and the hotels.The only thing they regret was too short stay on Zanzibar. They wish they could stay there at least one day more.


September 2010

  Hello Debbie,

Thank you so much for your help and your support. We had a wonderful trip, reached the Uhuru Peak, had a picturesque sunrise and came back safe and sound (Besides many other wonderful experiences)

Everything worked out fine even though I started planning quite spontaneously (and late). So, many thanks to you and everyone else involved in our Kilimanjaro planning.

Best Regards


August 2010


The trip was amazing and our guide, Colman, was awesome!  Everything worked out.  I did Machame and was able to summit successfully. 

Thanks again for everything!


June 2010

  Hi Debbie,

Well, It seems that everything that's nice goes by quite quickly. And that happened with our trip, too. It was a very intense and interesting experience. Everything was special, the Kili climb, the safaris and even the relaxing part in Zanzibar. We all made it to the top of the Roof of Africa, and as you can see I can't be modest about it.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for arranging all the services we needed in this trip. Things were well put together and we are very grateful for this. If you don't mind, I'll probably bug you again when I'm organizing my next African vacation.

Thank you once more and all the best.


March 2010

  Hi Debbie,

Well, we're back after our trip and I just want to say thanks for all the support and help, we really enjoyed the trip and we'll recommend your group to all our friends.

Best of luck and keep up the good work.



March 2010

Hi Debbie

I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time on our climb of Mt. Kenya.  Kingstone, Alfred, Festers and Dave were AMAZING!  We couldn't have done it without them.  Please pass this praise along to them.



February 2010

Hi Debbie!

I´m back from my Africa trip and just wanted to tell you how well everything went. Ali, our guide and driver on the safari, was great - very knowledgeable, helpful and he also had a good sense of humour ( which is essential when dealing with us...). We were equally happy with Zikiri, our cook, who pleased us very much with his delicious creations. Give our greeting to the boys, if possible! We'll most certainly recommend you to all our friends who intend to visit Africa - thanks a lot!

Best regards


January 2010

It was a GREAT trip. We all summited Pt Lenana. Dickson and other guides were good.

Thanks to all of you.


January 2010

Hi Debbie,

Thank you again for organising the trip.

The trip went well - Zara was excellent as an operation. Emmanuel the guide was great - got me to the top with a good understanding of mountain sickness which was important.

The rest of the team; cook, waiter, porters were also great. Many thanks again!



November 2009

Hi Debbie

As per our conversation, Firstly, my praise and thanks go to the guides/assistant guides from Zara tours: Photo (Joseph) Andrew, Joe, etc etc. They were excellent, experienced, provided support, advice and good humour on the hike. Special thanks to Andrew and Photo for the night hike back to Kibo Hut (necessitated due to altitude sickness). Photo(Joseph) wouldn't listen to my protests about going further, and I am grateful that he didn't listen and big thank you for his assistance in getting me back to Kibo safely.

Secondly, I would like to thank Andrew for the afternoon aclimitisation walks, he was very informative and friendly, I would definitely encourgae him to go further in his carreer with Zara Tours, as he will make an excellent guide.

Thirdly, compliments to the chef(s). The food was better than we could ever have imagined! (Even though Photo expressed his concerns because we are light eaters) Hygiene was key to the chef, and I can happily say that we were not sick from the food.

Fourthly, the porters amazed us with their ability to carry heavy loads, leaving camp after us, run past us shortly afterwards, and have everything set up and food ready once we arrived at the next camp site. Amazing!! Again I would just like to re-iterate our conversation and say what a fantastic time we both had on the mountain as stated above the guides and porters were all fantastic.

Many thanks


July 2009


My time in Tanzania was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. And I made it to the top of Uhuru Peak ! Godlisten's work with me was exemplary and I give him, without reservation, the highest marks. I was treated kindly as well by all the Springlands Hotel staff. I am so grateful for this experience. It was humbling and gratifying.

-Help: I wish to ask you for assistance please:

In my survey I filled out and submitted at Springlands, and in addtnl face to face comments to Leila Ansell, I suggested an award be created to honor Kili guides for meritorious service. I'd would like to see this done at the natl park level. I'd also like to see Zara honor its own, apart from what natl parks will do. I will, in a seperate cover, recommend Godlisten as the first recipient of this award. The award could become an annual tribute and would serve to commend and incentivize guides adding to a further mark of professionalism. I realize this may take some effort. I trust the results will be well worth the energy invested.

-And: Without your answer of my email back in Janaury, all this wouldnt have happened. Debbie, your were my intro point to Zara. Thx you for all you have done. God bless.

I look fwd to your timely response.


June 2009

I would recommend ZARA and your company EWP to others planning a trip to Tanzania for safari or a Mt. Kilimanjaro trek. I would also use your company if ever planning another holiday or mountain trek to one of your other destinations.

I can only say good things about Shabaz our mountain guide. He was supportive and positive from the minute we met him, as if never having a doubt we could make it despite Jeanne's dislocated shoulder. He thought about our safety and met our needs every inch of the way up the mountain. He gave additional information about the area, mountain and the people the entire 8 days including the final day as we drove back into Moshi. He looked after his porters, inspired everyone around him and made the trek fun. He was an excellent motivator and our own personal cheerleader, encouraging and having confidence that we could do it.

By the way, the equipment ZARA rented for the trek was excellent. The sleeping bags and trekking poles we used were brand-new, (not sure if we were just lucky in our timing or if that is normal for the company). The sleeping bags were a wonderfully warm welcome after trekking all day.

Thanks again for your support,



February 2009

Hi Fay,

I never thanked you for the beautiful trip. Thanks for the amazing experience I've had!

David Martini

February 2009

Hi Debbie,

My three friends and I just got back from our trip on Sunday. We had a great trip and it was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thanks for your help in making the trip perfect.

I wanted to give you a little feedback on some of our observations:

  1. Photo did a very good job on the hike and we would recommend him to any of your clients. He made us go slow and knew just how to get us to the top.
  2. The food on the hike was good and plentiful. Considering we were up on a high mountain, it is hard to believe they had fresh fruit, eggs, etc.
  3. The Springlands Hotel was nice and the people were pleasant and helpful.
  4. The Wild Camp was an interesting place and we had a good stay there. The campfire after dinner was a highlight of the trip.
  5. We saw LOTS of animals – more than we thought possible

Overall, we were happy and I would recommend Zara to anyone who doesn't demand a "Ritz Carlton" experience. It is a very good value and, if I were going to Tanzania again, I would book with EWP and Zara.

Regards and thanks again,

Terry February 2009

Dear Debbie!

Thank you very much for your excellent organisation of our trips everything was perfect, glorious and beautiful. The champers which we bought in the Supermarket in Nairobi went off with a bang!

Again thank you and your company very much for the marvelous time we had in Kenya.

Best Regards

Susanne und Hans Raffeiner

New Year 2009


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your help in making the trip of a lilfetime possible. On 29/Jun/2008 our group summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. To you and all of the staff at EWP, thank you! It was a perfect trip that I will cherish forever.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jerry Luxbacher

June 2008


We are back from safari and Kilimanjaro.

We are very happy with the trip, and espesially with your selected guide/s, including private toilet!

Thank you for all your help, and we will promote EWP to all we talk to!

Leif Morland

December 2008

Hi Debbie

I've been meaning to write you since we returned a couple of weeks ago but things have been pretty hectic. However I want to let you know that our group had an incredible experience over in Tanzania on our Climb and Safari highlighted by our successful summit of Kili on Monday 9/29. Our experience with Zara was 1st class all the way. I want to particularly highlight the incredible professionalism, personal attention and positive experience that we had with our guide on our trek up Kili. Our guide, Godlisten, was one of the most incredible individuals I and our team have ever met. He made the experience what it was. He and his team were always on top of everything from watching over our well being, to the top notch meals, to making sure everything at our camps were just right to the cultural interaction that we enjoyed not only with Godlisten but with the entire team. Godlisten truly led a first class trek. He showed outstanding leadership and had the respect of our entire support team that ensured a first class experience. The relationship that grew between him and our group of 5 has blossomed into a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Debbie, I want to thank you for all your help and support in helping us put together a trip of a lifetime. I want to also express on behalf on myself and our group the outstanding job and service put forth by Zara for our entire trip but particularly we want to acknowledge the the efforts of Godlisten. We would highly recommend that you request him for clients in the future. He is a first class guide who's outstanding focus on the clients safety and well being, the respect he had from his team and the tremendous knowledge of the country and mountain making him a great ambassador, is only overshadowed by his outstanding character and values as an individual.

Thanks again

Steve Pipp

September 2008

Hi Debbie,

Hope you're all right and looking forward to the weekend! Just wanted you to know that we had a fantastic trip and that we were very satisfied with Zara, in every way. All four of us reached the summit, approximately one minute before sunrise. That was really a great moment, and a very cold one, ha ha.. We were also very pleased with the safari, and had a great time. We have already recommended the trip through your company to some of our friends who have talked about doing the same trip. Once again, thanks for all your help along the way :)

Cheers Therese

October 2008

Good morning Fay. I am happy to report that my clients Michael and Devin Wahl had a great safari in Tanzania. Thank you for all your hard work.

Earl Fox-Agent.

October 2008

Hi Debbie

I'd just like to thank you for all your help over the last couple of weeks in getting everything organised for all of us (especially me) for the trip. It was an amazing holiday and was definitely made better by the fact that we all somehow made it to the top of Kilimanjaro. Its amazing how no one ever mentions how tough a trek it is – but I suppose it wouldn't be of any benefit to know!

All the guides and team that took us to the top were brilliant. The food was great and as the one and only difficult vegetarian I was pleasantly surprised by this. I don't think we would all have made it to the top without the dedication of all the guides that came with us for the summit climb. They carried some of our day bags, and kept on encouraging us all the way. The guide Desy looked after me really well and without his help and encouragement I definitely wouldn't have made it to the top. Many thanks to him.

"Photo" the team leader was great. He gave us a briefing every evening on what to expect the next day and during the summit climb kept an eye on each of our progress to ensure we were all doing alright. I have to give a special mention to his assistant guide Rasheid who was fantastic. Rasheid led each of our afternoon "acclimatisation" walks. He was brilliant on the day of the summit climb as well. We all thought he was brilliant and was really enthusiastic about our progress and was great for giving us info on the flora and fauna of the area.

Zanzibar, needless to say was gorgeous and was it was great to just spend a couple of days chilling out before coming home. Thanks to Fay/yourself for arranging for us to stay in the Bluebay that extra night. It was too nice to leave!

Many thanks again for all your help.


Clare Harnett

August 2008

This was a grand adventure for us, especially since we live in an area with no mountains, and at sea level. The Umbwe route was very challenging for us, even though we all work out very regularly. But somehow, the human spirit prevails. We all dug deep and were able to successfully make it to Stella Point; one of our group even made it to Uhuru peak.

We absolutely could not have made it to the top without the kind and constant attention of our guides and porters. Without exception, they were unfailing in their support of us. I will never forget the way Juma tended to me on that final summit climb in the darkness. Is "tenderness" too strong a word? Once, when I took two bad steps in a row, without a word, he slipped his headlamp off his head and put it on mine. He took my pack when it got heavy, he helped me pull my windbreaker on as we neared the top. Every few minutes, he asked, "Are you alright, mamma?" I was, other than my shortness of breath.

When we made it to the top, even though they were so instrumental in getting us there, they stood back and let us have our moment.

We saw some incredible sights on this trek in Africa, from the lush rainforest to the glories of the sun coming up over the clouds. But my most vivid memory of Africa will always be the kindness of her people to strangers. God bless Photo, our quiet but very able guide, and his team of guides, porters, and cooks who earned our undying regard and gratitude on this unforgettable trek.

Kathy Kirk

Corpus Christi, Texas
August 2008


As you can tell from the above from one of our group, we had a very good adventure ! The climb is tough on old people, but Photo and his group were outstanding ! The food was much better than we had anticipated and the variety was very nice ! The Springland Hotel was a good value and truly welcomed on our return.. The over 50 groups should do a 7 or even 8 day trip, not our 6 day trip ! The trip down the mountain after our final assent was really tough !

A great life adventure and I can very much recommend your group, EWP and Joseph/Photo. Our lives were literally in their hands and we would go with them again, happily ! Feel free to use any of our group as references.

John F. Landgraf

Odessa, Texas

August 2008

Hi Debbie – I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for your assistance in planning our trip to Kili. We had an AMAZING adventure! The Zara crew could not have been better and I am sure we will have memories to share for a life time.

Your browser may not support display of this image. THANK YOU!

Brad Scott

August 2008

Dear Debbie,
We're back and recovered from our amazing Tanzanian adventure. Thank you so much for all the work you did on My families behalf, everything worked out perfectly.

Sincerely, Nina Hogan

August 2008

Dear Debbie,


I would like to thank you for accommodating our booking for our trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Despite all the many inqueries and questions and last minute booking changes you graciously assisted us.

Everything went well as scheduled, we reached Kilimanjaro Airport and somebody met us in the airport. Reached Springland mid-afternoon. Our climb went well, we got a very good support team lead by Joseph Marandu, the lead guide. Four of us(Lorenzo Delmo, Angie Tan, Kat Yang and myself) reached Uhuru Peak, Pedro Sy-Quia (60 years old) only reached Stella Point and Arlene Teodoro (our Leader) only made it at Barafu Camp due to high alti sickness. He needs to be down to Mweka Camp on the day of our ascend to the summit.

It was a difficult summit for all of us for we are not used to the high alti and the cold weather, but despite that Joseph with his assistant guides (Livini, Dezy, Andrew) motivated us to finish it. Despite the difficulty, all in all, it was worth a trip. Being able to see Tanzania made me personally so happy. I love Tanzania and wish to be back someday to climb Mt. Meru and see the migration of animals in Serengeti...

Staff sand employees of Springlands are very hospitable too, I met Zaineb and Roger, and Muna, and many others. We encountered minor problem on our lunch from the mountain when already in the hotel though, but it was fixed as well.

I attached our summit pics for your reference.

Again, thank you and hope to be back in Tanzania through your company one of this days.


Cheryl J. Bihag

September 2008

This was simply a fabulous trip! Thanks so much for all the work you put into it -- it was simultaneously the most physically challenging and spiritually rich thing I've ever done.
Team Sanga thanks you!


July 2008

Dear Debbie

Receive warm Greetings from Venezuela.

I hope everything is very well over there!

We came back last week from our trip, very happy.

Overall, the trip was wonderful, and I really appreciate all the support you and your team gave me.

Everybody was very pleased with all the safari tour. Our guide/driver (Godfrey; again, I don´t know if is the right spelling) was excellent, very gentle and helpful. We really enjoyed his good attitude and calm. Also the car was in perfect shape, and well kept. The services at the Highview and the Wildcamp were superb, and all the people very nice. I think Zara really made a great job with the safari.

Thanks again to you, for all your kind support and assistance.

You were an invaluable help in the organization of this trip.

Keep in touch, and all the best!

Warm regards,


July 2008

Dear Debbie

My husband and I are now home from our wonderful African holiday. The highlight of the trip was climbing Kilimanjaro, and actually reaching the summit! The staff at the Springlands B & B were amazingly friendly and hospitable. We couldn't have asked for better service and kindness and courtesy were always displayed. By the time our occasional nights were done at the Springlands, it was beginning to feel like home. I would definitely recommend the Springlands B & B to anyone. Our guide on the trek was Daniel Douglas, who asked me to pass along a friendly "Hello", when I emailed you. Daniel was fantastic! He was professional, knowledgeable and very concerned about our well-being first and foremost. His team did a great job and everything went along smoothly; with not one problem.

The Pongwe Beach Hotel was fabulous and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves there.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience in helping me to plan this trip.

Laurie Bogue

June 2008

I am currently interested in visiting Mt. Kilimanjaro and hiking it in the next year or so. As such I have been "surfing" the web for companies who provide services in the area and have not made a commitment to any as of yet.
As an avid hiker in California (USA) I was on a day hike yesterday (5/4/08) and encountered 2 seperate groups of hikers along the trail about an hour apart from each other.
As we spoke I mentioned to both of my interest in hiking Kilimanjaro. Suprisingly, both parties had already hiked to the top and BOTH groups, without prompting, recommended your company as the one to use when I do decide to book.
Both of these parties were very pleased with your services and warned me of the "look alike" company. One group even mentioned to ask for the two brothers that are porters/guides. (I don't remember their names).
I don't think you could pay for better advertising than these high compliments from two random groups of people I encounterd on the side of a mountain.
This being said I will DEFINATELY be booking with you when the time comes in the next few months or so.


May 2008

NB - Bob now has his trip booked for August 2009!

Hi Debbie,

Just a note to say we had a wonderful time in Tanzania.

Our guide Joseph was excellent and was so helpful. Unfortunately Mike suffered from a bad bout of altitude sickness so we made an early descent without reaching the top. Despite all this we had a wonderful time and we can recommend highly your guides and company,



May 2008

Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to say "thank you" again for setting up our safari! We had a great time. Our guide, Henry was absolutely great!

I think some friends should be contacting you shortly regarding a safari.

Thanks again. Your customer service and professionalism was greatly appreciated!

Linda Stride

May 2008

Hi Debbie

We've had an outstanding trip to kilimanjaro and a great time in Tanzania! Unfortunately we are back at work. But deep in our minds we are still on the top of africa at Uhuru Peak. Yes, we all did it to the top. And even without any problems. Not even headache or nausea. In my opinion this ist the credit of our guide who allways goes "pole pole" :-) and the additional acclimatisation day has been a wise decision. In the name of my wife Tanja, Carmen and Stefan I would like to thank you very much for organizing this trip so well, Debbie. Everything has been perfect. I would also like to thank you for giving us such high priority by choosing Joseph "Photo" as Guide. He told us about your communication to him in advance. :-) He did an outstanding job and managed the camp in a very professional manner. But also Joel and Andrew, our two assistant guides, have done a great job. A special thanks goes to Hamit our cook and Karim our waiter. We have eaten like kings on the mountain. Every meal was a festival and Karim take care of everything, water in the morning, tea, crackers and biscuits and he built every day our tents. We didn't expected such a fantastic service and we appreciated it very very much. And last but not least the porters. They have done an extremly hard and good job. The Umbwe-Route is very spectacular, but for the porters this route is really a big challenge. They worked very hard for us and for that immense performance, they have our highest respect. Everyone have been so kind and considerated. We found some good friends on this seven days. We will recommend your company and especially you, Debbie, and your Staff to all our friends and colleagues and will come back as soon as possible for the next trip. :-) Many thanks and take care René, Tanja, Carmen, Stefan

P.S The summiting team :-)) from left to right, René Tanja, Joel, Andrew, Photo, Carmen Stefan

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Rene Reichenbach

March 2008

Hi Debbie,
Just an e-mail to let you know we had a great trip. Everything was
wonderfull and we made it to the top.
We were very happy with our guide, Photo. Unfortunately he couldn't make
it to the top together with us as he was quite sick already for a couple
of days. But his guiding was perfect, told us a lot about the mountain,
about the life in Tanzania and he has a good sense of humour as well.

Kind regards,
Jochem Geelen

March 2008

Hi Debbie,
I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail now that I
am back from my trip to Africa. I had an unbelievable
time and climbing Kilimanjaro was definitely the BEST
part. Thank you again for all of your time and
patience in answering the many, many questions that I

Best regards,
Meghan Sullivan

March 2008

Dear Sir or Madam,
we have had a wonderful safari with your enterprise. Our driver Mister "Abdhulla" (I do not know whether the name is correctly written ) has forgotten his visitors' book. Therefore, we would like to thank about this eMail Him rather warmly. He was an excellent driver and guide on the safari. We have got on very well with him and
can recommend him to others. We say to thanks for the wonderful days, Abdhalla!
The organisation and the lodgings on the safari were very good.

All together we have liked the trip very well and we would like to thank you for your organisation.

The best greetings from Germany

Uwe und Katherina Luther

March 2008

Just a note to say thanks for the safari bookings. All went as smooth as
clockwork and we had a great time. Thanks for your help, advice and
flexibility with it all.

Nick & Judith.

Feb 2008

Hi Debbie,

Hope you are well. Just wanted to give you some feedback on my Kili trip. I got to the top but it was pretty tough at times. I was delighted with the service on the mountain. The guide, cook and porters were all great. The hotel was good and the staff very friendly. The Riverside bus was very handy. Overall it was an excellent trip and I'd recommend it to friends. I can't thank you enough for all the help that you gave me, Im sure you dreaded to see another email from me! Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Sara Maxwell

February 2008

I wanted to let you know how extremely pleased we all were with our two
guides on our trip up Kilimanjaro. We took the Rhongai Route and summited on
February first. Our Guides were Saidi Ngaina and Mohamed Ngaina.

They were extremely well organized and looked after our every need. I am
sure looking after such a large crew is very demanding.

I was extremely impressed on how they both kept an eye on our physical
capabilities given that we were an older group. I told Mohammed many times I
would not have made it to the top were it not for his help. Their friendly
coaxing manner was particularly appreciated even when we faltered.

I would highly recommend them to any other group looking to climb
Kilimanjaro and want to thank all of you for a great trip.

Ross Kobayashi

February 2008

Dear Debbie
This is just a quick email to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to
Mount Kenya and how impressed I was with the whole trip.
The trek staff (William Micheni, Loyford Mugendi and Kingstone Mutembei
under Dickson's instructions) were great. They provided excellent, tasty
and amazingly copious amounts of food and drink and were cheerful and
helpful at all times. William, the guide was especially good, judging rest
breaks, speed, loads and extra acclimatization walks well.
The technical guide, Kim, was extremely fit and when we had started on the
route quickly impressed with his steady approach. I must confess I was
suffering slightly from the altitude by the time we had crossed the glacier
and ascended to the foot of the climb, but he remained patient and allowed
me to modify our plan - we settled for Nelion, abandoning a spare rope and
crampons for retrieval on descent.
I look forward to going back to Kenya and would gladly book through EWP
again. I would be very happy to use exactly the same staff as they were

Thank you once again for your hard work and happy new year

Best wishes

Russell Stebbings

December 2007

Hi there Debbie
Janet Wolney and myself booked Kilimanjaro (Rongai route) with you for this past Oct. 07. I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our guide and his group of porters. 'Photo' was our guide and was always checking with us to make sure all was okay. At camp and on the trek, our well-being was his primary concern. Also, the porter, who was our 'waiter' (Joe), was extremely hard working and went beyond his duties to ensure that we were okay. He brought us a water basin every morning and then our tea. Served our food and cleared. Took down our tent. He even came part way up the mountain to meet me when he heard from Jan that I was having a shakey time of it. He took over for 'Photo' and led me down all the way back to the tent.

I just want you to know what a great group of guys you have there!

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2008,
Wendy Benoit

I just wanted to write a short note thanking you for everything you and Zara
did for us on our trip. We had a great time and the people who work for
Zara were the best. They were always helpful and friendly. I can't say
enough good things about them.

In addition, our mountain guide, Saidi Ngaina, did an incredible job of
taking us up the mountains. Our entire group could not say enough good
things about Saidi. He was personable, knowledgeable and an expert on the
mountains. Without him I know that at least one or two of us would not have
reached the summits. We were lucky to get him for our trip and you are
lucky that you have such a good guide.

Again, thanks for everything,

John Bradley

September 2007

Hi Debbie
Just wanted to send a big thank you for everything you did for us...

The climb was amazing, the experience was awesome, Photo is by far the
best guide on the entire mountain!!! Khamisi his Assistant guide was
sensational also and we would have never made it if it weren't for them.

His whole crew that he chose on this trip was amazing from the cook, to
the weighters to the porters- All brilliant and no problems whatsoever..

Ive attached the press release re our climb, would really appreciate a
quick chat with Andrew and to see if we can put our
link on Zara website and vice versa!

We're going to be interviewing over the next few weeks with a lot of
press and looking forward to doing another trip soon.

Again, I cannot emphasise enough how great the service was from start to
finish. We're very happy and I will gladly recommend Zara in future for
anyone wanting to do Kili : )

Many many thanks again
Kheiry Sammakieh

September 2007

Hi Debbie....I just want to say that's for everything!
The trip was great...we made it to summit...the hotels
and everything was more than expected. i will
recommend Zara to anyone who will listen, thanks
again Debbie.

Laura Meyer

July 2007

Dear Debbie

I arrived my home last Monday.

I am very happy to report you that I got both summits!

And the travel was well organized and quite comfortable for me.

It became one of the most successful travel.

Thank you.

Best Regards

Hirokazu Kimiya

August 2007

Dear Debbie
Sorry it has taken a little while to get around to sending this to you, but you are not forgotten and Springlands was just lovely. I have to say I spent most of my time by and in the pool - rest and recovery was much needed!

Thanks again for all your help.
Lesley Treharne-Martin

July 2006

Things worked out a perfectly with the travel arrangements and we had a great climb. My wife made it to Hans Meyers cave and I was able to make it to the peak. We had an outstanding guide, Freddy, who provided a great deal of useful information and ensured that we had a safe, enjoyable climb. I have recommended your company to some friends who are planning a similar trip.

Thanks again,

Ralph Rodschat.

July 2006

Hi there,
Just wanted to send an email to thank Zara Tours and
Debbie in particular for doing such an outstanding job
at organizing our safari despiite all our horrendous
schedule changes; Debbie worked especially hard and
went above and beyond to deliver a quality safari,
even beyond what Zara was obligated to do-- give that
woman a raise!

Zara were very competent and excellent staff

Thanks again,
Stacy Fehlenberg

June 2006

Hi Debbie

Juat a quick note as I have now arrived back from Kilimanjaro with my son, we both got up to Uhuru Peak.

I wanted to say how very satisfied I was with all aspects of the trip, everything was carried out most efficiently, we had an excellent team with our guide Photo and his crew, they all worked very hard on our behalf.

I would have no hesitation in recommending booking through yourselves/Zara for this trip, we were very happy with everything and getting to the summit was a great plus!

If you have any potential Irish customers looking for a reference I would be delighted to talk to them.

Now I wonder will I do Mt Elbrus next?

Best regards

David Ensor

We came back from our trip around Tanzania one week ago and would like to thank EWP and ZARA for organising it. Everything succeeded and was according to the schedule. The country is beautiful and worth of visiting.

We are very satisified with ZARA service. All the crew in Springland was very kind and took special care of us. Especially we would like to praise our guide from Kilimanjaro trekking Daniel D. Mlingi. Daniel and his team did their best to enable us to reach the peak and make our trip highly comfortable. We have to emphasize that the food we were served was amazing for such height. Daniel is very kind, friendly and social man. He gave us lots of information about customs, culture and nature of Tanzania. We were very lucky to have him as our guide.

With best regards,

Magdalena and Mateusz Rospond, Poland

January 2006