Kamchatka Map and Guide

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Kamchatka Map and Guide

The detailed and easy to follow maps will make your trek in Kamchatka even more enjoyable. It’s available from Amazon and directly from us, and we accept payment via Paypal (+ 50p fee) or Credit and Debit card (no fee).

ISBN 0906227747  EWP 2003.  Size: 880×620,
with cover.
Cost including post & packaging: €12 (Europe), £7.5 (UK) or
$15.5 (worldwide)
Concise Information on: Maps and Diagrams:
Volcanology and Geology
Flora and Fauna
Geyser Valley
Klyuchevskaya Sopka
Five full colour maps:
Main Map – 1:1,000,000
Petropavlovsk Area -1:200,000
Klyuchevskaya Sopka – 1:200,000
Kronotsky Reserve – 1:340,000
Mutnovskaya Sopka – 1:500,000

Kamchatka map and guide


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