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No climb to the ‘roof of Africa’ would be possible without the fantastic Kilimanjaro guides, porters and cooks who will accompany you. Having worked on Kilimanjaro and with the local guides for over 25 years we have chosen the best to get you to the top.


Joseph ‘Photo’ Mandara


Photo - Kilimanjaro guide

Photo” – Kilimanjaro Guide

‘Photo’ is most certainly one of the best guides on Kilimanjaro. At 43 years old he has been guiding on Mount Kilimanjaro since 2002 and has made an amazing 204 successful summit climbs!! Voted the ‘Best Zara Guide’ for 2014/15 you can be sure that your experience on the mountain will be one that you will remember for a very long time! His attention to detail and consideration during your time on Kilimanjaro puts you in very safe hands – and gives you all the support that you need to reach the final destination of Uhuru Peak safely.

 His youngest success story was of a 10 year old boy, and the oldest …. a 76 year old man!! Both of these made the summit, however his oldest client was an 85 year old gent, who made it up to Gilmans Point (5861m). Joseph lives in nearby Moshi with his wife and his two children and has devoted much of his life to guiding EWP and Zara clients on Mount Kilimanjaro. With nothing but positive feedback from those that have trekked with him you couldn’t ask for better. During his 14 years of being a fully qualified Zara mountain guide he has also mentored many assistant guides, who are now fully qualified guides themselves.

He was awarded the ‘Zara Guide of the year’ for 2014/2015 for his sterling efforts!


Godlisten Mkonyi

Godlisten - Kilimanjaro Guide

Godlisten – our Kilimanjaro Guide – with an impressive glacial wall behind him

Godlisten is another unforgettable and excellent guide. Also 43 years old he has spent his entire life on or around Mount Kilimanjaro and has been guiding on the mountain for 23 years, beginning his guiding days at the tender age of 21 years old! His life on the mountain began in his school days when he would work as a porter to earn the money to pay for his school fees.  During this time he has accomplished an amazing number of summit treks – in fact, over 700! His knowledge of the mountain with his vast experience and his jolly disposition guarantee you a trek to the summit that you will never forget.  Chances are he’ll have you singing as you trek, and he will almost certainly have you laughing  along the way!

Included among his many successful summits is that of 7 year old twins – double victory! He boasts a success rate of around 98% of his clients reaching the summit.

Godlisten now lives with his family in Arusha and has a son and daughter. Guiding clients on the mountain is his full-time job and Kilimanjaro is a big part of his life. Not only does he guide our clients, but he also trains porters to become Assistant Guides, and Assistant Guides into fully qualified Zara Guides – each one of them reaping the benefits of his experience and expertise.

So if you’re willing to take the challenge of Kilimanjaro why not let one of our guides take you to the roof of Africa to make your experience complete! We guarantee you the experience of a lifetime…


Kilimanjaro Guides

A successful EWP group at the summit of Kili in 2015 with our wonderful Kilimanjaro guides


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