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Nelion (5188m) and Batian (5199m) are composed of a superb rough rock - syenite - at least as good as granite for climbing. Numerous excellent rock and ice routes exist. The main summits generally require a bivouac, satellite peaks such as Point John offer fine one day climbs. For more information on these see the Mountain Club of Kenya guidebook or the East Africa Mountain Guide.

We offer year round guiding on most routes. Prices vary from route to route. Note the winter and summer aspects discussed in the Mount Kenya Weather Notes.

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Sketch of south side of Mount Kenya
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First Ascent of Batian
Halford Mackinder made the first ascent of Mount Kenya on the 13th of September 1899. Our guides invite you to join them to repeat his climb or try one of the more recent magnificent climbs. Details

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South East Face Route
North Face Route
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On the West Ridge

Glacial Recession
The above photo shows the remnants of the Diamong Glacier - once such a prominent feature draining into the Diamond Couloir. Compare this photo (2009) to one taken in 1980 at the top right of this page.

South Face of Mount Kenya

Climbing on Mount Kenya is serious and it is important to acclimatise well before tackling the main summits. It is advisable to do a training climb on a minor peak before going up Nelion or Batian.
Medical Aspects of high altitude mountaineering 

On the world famous "Diamond Couloir"

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