Mount Kenya

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Trekking on Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa and is located within the boundaries of the Mount Kenya National Park. The highest peaks on Mount Kenya are Batian (5199m) and Nelian (5188m) the summits of which can only be reached by making a technical climb of Mount Kenya. The third peak is that of Point Lenana (4985m) which is the most visited of the three as it can be reached relatively easily by trekking Kenya without the need for special equipment or climbing experience.

Climing Kenya

Naro Moru is the fastest route, can be reached in 4 days.  This route is recommended for strong trekkers and those that acclimatise easily

Sirimon route Kenya

The Sirimon route lies on the drier side of the mountain offering some good walking and good acclimatisation.

Chogoria route Mount Kenya

The Chogoria route is our recommended route. Offering spectacular scenery and good acclimatisation.

Camping on Chogoria route, Lake Michaelson

The ‘Round the Peaks Circuit’ takes you up via the Chogoria route. A navigation of the main peaks then brings you down along the Sirimon route.

Mount Kenya

There are several routes used on the mountain though our itineraries use the three main routes that are most often associated with trekking Mount Kenya. We also offer our popular ‘Round the Peaks’ circuit trek which includes a traverse of the mountain taking an ascent of the Chogoria route and coming down via the Sirimon route.

We operate standard 4-7 day treks in Kenya, but we can also organise private itineraries of any duration, technical climbs and safaris.

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Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

Naro Moru Route, 4 Day Trek :  A popular route as it is the fastest route to point Lenana, though not the most scenic. Take this classic route up Mount Kenya though the notoriously treacherous vertical bog and into the wide Teleki Valley beneath the Tryndall, The Lewis Glacier. Though the summit can be reached in 4 days this is recommended for strong trekkers and those that acclimatise easily.

Sirimon Route, 5 Day Trek : A more scenic option than Naro Moru and on the drier side of the mountain which offers some good walking. Climb up through forest into a wide ridge approach to the summit area. The route starts on the northwest side of the mountain near Nanyuki.

Chogoria Route, 6 Day Trek : This route option is by far the more scenic and interesting of the 3 routes used with stunning views across Lake Michaelson along the way.

Kenya Peaks Circuit, 7 Day Trek : Taking the Chogoria route this trek includes a ‘round the peaks’ route which brings your descent on the mountain via the Sirimon route.

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