Mount Kenya map and guide

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Mount Kenya map and guide

If you are looking to trek or make a technical climb on Mount Kenya we recommend that you purchase the complete Mount Kenya map and guide. Mount Kenya offers three main trekking routes to take you to Point Lenana and a wonderful ‘Round the Peaks’ route which traverses  Mount Kenya.

Naro Moru route is the most popular and quickest route to climb Mount Kenya. A good route for those that acclimatize easily.
Sirimon route offers the most impressive forest walking on Mount Kenya
Chogoria route is the fastest and most spectacular route to approach Point Lenana, with the opportunity to stop at Lake Michaelson along the way – a favourite of ours!
Kenya Round Peaks – this circuit is a tour around the peaks offering views of the summits, glaciers and tarns, ascending via Chogoria route, and descent via Sirimon route

All of the above routes are detailed in our Mount Kenya map and guide, along with detailed information for technical climbing on Batian and Nelion and general information.

Alongside the detailed and easy to follow maps that will make your trek of Mt Kenya even more enjoyable. It’s available from Amazon and directly from us, and we accept payment via Paypal (+ 50p fee) or Credit and Debit card (no fee).

ISBN 9780906227961   Published by EWP 1991. 4th Edition 2007.    Size: 700×540, without cover.
Cost including post & packaging: €12.50 (Europe), £8 (UK) or $15.75 (worldwide).
Mount Kenya Maps & Diagrams: Concise Information on:
1:50,000 – 4 colour topographical map of the National Park Area
1:25,000 – 4 colour topographical map of the Peak Area
1:400,000 – Map of roads around Mount Kenya
Also several climbing route diagrams
Information in German, French and Italian
GPS=4 Eastings at 5′ intervals, Northings at 2′ intervals.
Geology and Glaciology
Flora and Fauna
Medical Aspects
Weather and Climate
Access and Walking Routes
Climbing Routes
Cooking and Food
Useful Contacts

Mount Kenya Map and Guide


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