Trekking in Turkey

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Trekking in Turkey

On the trail of the Lycian Way in Turkey

Lycian Way Trek

The trek is centred around Mt Olympos (Tahtali), mainly following the Lycian Way and taking in some of the most beautiful beaches, coastal trails and mountain paths in Turkey

East ridge of Tahtali, Olympos in Turkey

Lycian wildlife Trek

A unique look at the magnificent wildnerness of Lycia through the eyes of our guide, Christian Kollinsky, a trained biologist and local wildlife expert.


Phrygian Valley Trek

An 8 day trek along the little used Phrygian Valleys in Turkey which includes many sites of historical interest, including Midas City. A wonderful cultural tour of Turkey

Lycian tomb along the Nicholas Way route, Turkey

Mount Olympos Trek

This trip is almost identical to the “Lycian Wildlife Trek” but the base location changes part way through the trip and the programme has been slightly re-arranged. Olympos Explorer is for those who love the sea.

Goreme open air museum in Cappadocia Turkey

St Nicholas Way Trek

Our tour takes in most of the more important sites in the area, some of which involve quite long walks to reach the churches which are mainly located far from good roads

Cappadocia trek in Turkey

Cappadocia Trek

We trek, exploring the surreal landforms of the colourful Göreme valleys. Following ancient pathways we visit the strange rock cut churches and monasteries carved from the soft volcanic tuff, and homes and even cities carved from rock and preserved for millennia.

Trekking in Turkey

From our base in Beycik near Antalya we are now offering guiding services and regular treks and day excursions along the coasts and mountains traveresed by the Lycian Way. This latter area is archaelogically also one of Turkey’s richest regions, some sites can only be conveniently reached by sea. A gulet cruise allows access to these as well as to some magnificent unspoilt beaches.

We operate the following trips:

Lycian Way 8 day – guided and vehicle supported trek follows the Lycian Way visiting some of the most interesting areas of the route.The trek is centred around Mt Olympos and takes in some of the most beautiful beaches, coastal trails and mountain paths in Turkey. We will also visit the eternal flames of the Chimaera and the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. Accompanied by a multilingual qualified guide.

Phrygian Valley 8 day – Our tour will include 4 to 6 hours walking every day and will take in many of the main historic sites such as Midas City with its numerous cisterns and largest of all Phrygian monuments the 17m tall Yazılıkaya (Turkish for inscribed rock). The walking is generally fairly straighforward following sections of the over 500 kilometre long “Phrygian Way”, one of the world’s major long distance walks.

Mt Olympos – trek 8 days guided and vehicle supported trek. A unique look at the magnificent wildnerness of Lycia accompanied by  a local wildlife expert. The programme involves several walks, some quite long. It is partly based at a very comfortable mountain lodge located in Beycik village at an altitude of 800m below the precipitous south face of Mt Olympos and partly at a simple hotel beautifully located by a river in Adrasan Bay just a short stroll from the beach.

Lycian wildlife trek 8 days guided and vehicle supported trek. Based in a comfortable hotel at the foot of Mt Olympos. Each day we have excursions visiting sites of local interest particularly looking at the rich biodiversity of the area. All days will involve a fair bit of walking. Led by a multilingual qualified biologist and guide with a considerable knowledge of the local flora and fauna.

St Nicholas Ways trek 7 days along the route of St Nicholas guided and vehicle supported. The aim of the trip is to to see the archeological treasures and the natural beauty of the Demre hinterland this is achieved by walking on average about 5 hours per day, much of this on steep, rugged paths

Cappadocia 6 Day guided trek. This trip is designed as a short break that can be taken at any time of the year. Winter treks will require snow shoes!

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