Trekking in Kenya

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Trekking in Kenya

Naro Moru route

Naro Moru Route

The Naro Moru route is the fastest and most direct route to the summit of point Lenana, therefore is popular with those that are experienced at mountain trekking.

Sirimon route Kenya

Sirimon Route

The Sirimon route is possibly the least used of the three main routes, but features the most gradual ascent profile and therefore good acclimatisation.

Chogoria route Mount Kenya

Chogoria Route

The Chogoria route is our recommended and arguably the most magnificent ascent route to the summit area, offering some of the most spectacular views along the way.

Camping on Chogoria route, Lake Michaelson

Mount Kenya ‘Around the Peaks Circuit’

This trek takes you up the stunning Chogoria route to the summit of Point Lenana and then around the base of Nelian and Batian to bring you back via the Sirimon route.

Trekking in Kenya

Kenya has a wealth of superb and varied destinations, many of these rival the best in Africa and often are less popular and crowded. Mt Kenya EWP originated in Kenya and our knowledge and experience of the country allows us to help you create an ideal adventure trekking in Kenya holiday programme.

Our treks focus on the routes to Mt Kenya. We operate standard 4-7 day treks to its third highest summit, Lenana Peak at 4985m.

Route Descriptions to trekking in Kenya:

The Naro Moru Route is a popular route as it is the fastest route to point Lenana, though not the most scenic. This classic route ascends through the notorious vertical bog and into the wide Teleki Valley which leads up to the Lewis Glacier.  The Glacier as all glaciers in the East African region is rapidly receding making the ascent from Austrian Hut to Lenana on rock. Though the summit can be reached in 4 days this is recommended for strong trekkers and those who acclimatise easily.

The Sirimon Route is more scenic than Naro Moru and offers some good walking. It climbs up through forest and onto a wide ridge approach to the summit area. The route starts on the northwest side of the mountain near Nanyuki. After the ascent of Lenana it is possible to descend the same way or via the Naro Moru or Chogoria Routes.

The Chogoria Route is by far the more scenic and interesting of the 3 routes we use. The first night is spent on the moorland in bandas  with stunning game viewing opportunities. The camping sites further up are set in spectacular locations to explore. Our trek usually descends the same way to Chogoria town.

For a longer Round the Peaks Trek offers spectacular views of the peaks and mountain lakes.  Our trek ascends the Chogoria Route and descends the Sirimon Route.

A trip to Mt Kenya is readily combined with a safari to one of the numerous Kenyan National Parks or a relaxing visit to the coast. For the adventurous why not try out white water rafting on the Tana River – just a short drive from the mountain.

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Trekking in Kenya

Trekking in Kenya

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