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Your security and EWP (UK)

EWP, Haulfryn
SA20 0SP, UK.
UK Tel. 01550 721319 email: ewp@ewpnet.com

EWP and your security
Factpass Ltd, (T/A EWP) has now been successfully trading for 23 years. Our trading and accounts are regularly and thoroughly audited. You can also obtain a financial "Status Reference" about us through your bank who will contact our bank (Santander) for you.
Your holiday is further protected by our Public Liability Insurance which covers any claims you may have against us subject to the Booking Conditions .

Our Guides
We have a core of fully qualified technical climbing guides who accompany our expeditions requiring technical mountain guiding. We also use local experts: in East Africa many of our trips are led by local guides who have been trained and / or approved by us. These guides are not responsible for technical climbing guiding. However in the Caucasus and Central Asia our local guides are generally "Masters of Sport" and mountaineering experts of the highest calibre. All our trips are led by English speaking guides who have been trained by us. In the former Soviet Union well equipped doctors accompany our trips into remote areas. In less remote areas we have trained first aiders in every group. In East Africa our local walking guides have basic first aid knowledge and on the Major East African mountains they can quickly obtain professional help from the local park rescue teams.

EWP Privacy Policy
Any information you send is transferred to us on a secure server ensuring no third party is able to read it. We in turn only use the information you send: to process your credit card payment or to send you our products, information packages or tickets. We may, unless otherwise requested, send you newsletters by email or post - at most two or three times a year. Your information or data is never passed on to any other party by us.

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  Proprietors: Factpass Ltd., Reg. Office: Haulfryn, Cilycwm, SA20 0SP. Co. Reg. No.: 1979602. Director: Andrew Wielochowski. Company Secretary: Fay Wielochowska.  

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