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The republics of Tadjikisan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan offer some of the best mountaineering and trekking opportunities in the world. The remoteness, variety of mountains, colourful and friendly local communities, relative ease of access and stable weather make this one of our most highly recommended destinations. Many of our trips (city tours and Fann Mountains) are based on the excellent Uzbek Airlines Airbus service from London to Tashkent. Programmes in Kyrgyzstan (Virgin Summits or treks in the Tien Shan) involve flying to Bishkek by BA or Aeroflot.

Hotels in major towns are good quality offering double rooms with en-suite facilities. Outside of the towns we camp. All our trips are accompanied by a cook and a doctor. The ancient Silk Road cities of Bukhara and Samarkand are included in some of our treks, if not an extension to visit them can be organised.

The Fann Mountains 
These are a part of those great mountain ranges which run along the southern edge of the Central Asian republics. The Fann are located in the heart of Tadjikistan, between the Zeravshan and Gissar ranges and just east of the ancient Silk Road cities of Samarkand and Bukhara. Thousands of crystal clear lakes set amongst juniper forests make the Fann one of the most attractive mountain regions in Central Asia for either walking or climbing. The Tadjiks love vivid colours and are very hospitable people. In many of the small villages they still speak the ancient Sogdian dialect, the language that Alexander the Great heard when his conquests brought him here. 

The trek through these mountains is one of our most popular and highly acclaimed trips. A long, donkey-supported walk through magical mountain scenery of crystal clear rivers and lakes, glaciers, alpine meadows, juniper forests and lofty summits. Walking is on good paths but some days are long. 

Kulikalon - Fann Mountains

Aksu-Lailak Email for details 
The Aksu region lies just north of Tadjikistan. Our trek takes in some of the most dramatic rock scenery in the former Soviet Union. The giant walls and towers of Aksu and Karasu rival the rock scenery of Patagonia or of El-Capitan in Yosemite. Donkey and porter-supported. Most of the walking is on good paths.

The Pamir
Of the four 7000m peaks in the CIS, three lie in the Central Pamir. Peak Lenin, 7134m, the third highest, ocated in the north of this range, is relatively accessible and technically straight forward, it's ascent nevertheless requires a Himalayan approach involving an advanced base camp, two higher camps and acclimatisation trips. Peak Communism, 7495m, (the highest mountain in the CIS) lies in the heart of the Pamir and provides a very serious objective. The Pamir are a region of very remote valleys and fine mountains many of which are still unclimbed and could be ideal expedition objectives.

Peak Lenin details.
At 7134m the third highest summit in the former CIS presents a magnificent challenge. We tackle the mountain by the technically straight forward North Face then the North-West ridge.

Peak Communism 7495m & Korzhenievski details
At 7105m, Pik Korzhenievski provides excellent training for the ascent of the highest summit in the former Soviet Union. Although not technically hard the latter is a serious mountaineering objective. Our base on the Moskvin Glacier camp is reached by helicopter.
Eastern Sunrise
Eastern Sunrise

Central Asia Map

Virgin Summits details.NEWS!! Eastern Sunrise Climbed - 11 August 2001details
Over the last five summers EWP expeditions to the Muzkol have climbed 17 virgin summits, several over 6,000 meter high (3 over 20,000 feet). In 1998 16 reached the top of the White Pyramid (6060m)!  This area of the South Eastern Pamir enjoys very stable weather and the majority of the summits present no major access problems.  In 1999 we carried out a short horse supported trek to Lake Saryz - a unique and outstandingly beautiful lake just located just south west of Soviet Officer's Peak - before tackling Frunze Peak (unclimbed, 5806m).

In August 2000 we climbed 5 virgin summits in the Kurumdy Area in the Eastern Trans Alai. details

In 2003 our VS expedition was specifically designed for Welbeck Sixth Form College and the area chosen was the Nura valley on the very borders of China. Pictures of 2003 trip.

Detailed access map
Dvuglavy - climbed '96
Panorama - climbed '97
Report on Muzkol '98
Report on Muzkol '99
Report on Pamir 2000
Map of Muzkol Area
Map of Kurumdy and Eastern Sunrise
Kurumdy Picture Gallery

Tien Shan
East of the Pamir, on the borders of Kirgizia and China, lie the beautiful Tien Shan (Celestial) mountains - a trekkers paradise. Here are found the shapely Khan-Tengri (6995m) and Peak Pobeda (7439m). For the climber ridge after ridge provide ever more remote summits many of which are still unclimbed. These virgin summits offer the excitement of finding a suitable route, planning the climb and hopefully the first ascent to make a more memorable and worthwhile expedition than any other experience available in the high mountains. EWP first ascents in 1995

In the heart of Kirgizia and entirely surrounded by the Tien Shan lies lake Issyk Kul whose warm, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches are unique for a lake almost 200 kilometres long and lying over 5000ft (1600m) above sea level. Our most popular trek in this area is located in the rugged alpine mountains just south of the lake. Trek details.

We specialise in private groups and have catered for climbers, skiers, and schools. All of these groups could be catered for in Central Asia.

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