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We have many years experience in the organising adventurous and cultural trips for students to a variety of destinations. Trip aims have varied considerably, some have been to ascend major summits such as Mount Elbrus, Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya, others to unclimbed summits. At the other end of the spectrum some groups have visited the cultural treasures found in major cities of Russia, have kayaked in Karelia, trekked in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tadjikistan.

Closer to home Morocco and Turkey are both perfect destinations for student groups combining the exotic eastern atmosphere of Marrakech or Istanbul with mountain or other tours at very reasonable prices. Sample Programme | Photo Gallery. For the more mountain oriented Gran Paradiso offers superb walking in really wild areas with the possibility of making ascents of technically straightforward summits including the easiest 4000m summit in the Alps.

East Africa is possibly one of the best destinations there is, being exotic and combining high mountains, culture, wildlife with beautiful coasts and a year round pleasant climate. Kenya offers the best value by far with Mt Kenya a much more interesting and beautiful mountain than Kilimanjaro. Most tourist facilities are generally better and cheaper than Tanzania and flights to Nairobi easier to get and cheaper. Expeditions to Uganda (especially to the Rwenzori) are certainly highly adventurous but the tourist costs are high and the infrastructure mediocre.

Duke of Edinburgh Award and Study Courses:. Increasingly schools are using adventurous expeditions as a way to fulfil sections of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme or to provide students with opportunities to carry out field study projects. In Morocco a residential period can be based in village houses or small guesthouses and students can be involved with work on the fields, helping with building work or speaking English with local children or adults who want to improve their English. Afternoons can be spent exploring the village areas and joining in with social events in the evenings that would be specially organised for them. Similar possibilities exist in Turkey also including helping waymarking of trails for tourists.

Support: EWP can help you with your programme in a variety of ways:

Quality of
ItalyMountaineering in Gran Paradiso National Park
££8-12 days6,7,8,9B-DCarrying own equipment.
Huts or camp.
eg climbing course
KenyaMountaineering (Mt Kenya), trekking,
climbing, safaris & coast. details
£££14-211-3, 6-10, 12B-EPorter support on mountain.
Varied Accommodation.
varied activities.
Very Good.
MoroccoTrekking, High Atlas (Toubkal or Mgoun),
deserts and Marrakech. details
££9-1410-12 , 1-5 (deserts)
6-9 (mountains)
A (desert),
B-C (mountains)
Mule support on mountain.
Huts, camping, village houses.
varied activities.
Very Good.
RussiaA great variety of activities and locations
are available.details
£££7-201-12 (City Tours)
6-9  (mountains)
A (cities)
B-E (other)
Varied conditions and accommodation.Can be arranged
depending on venue.
Fair -
Very Good
TanzaniaKilimanjaro, Mt Meru, Game Parks, live
volcanoes, coast & Zanzibar. details
14-201-3, 6-10A-CPorter support.
Hotels, huts, camping
Can be arranged
depending on venue.
UgandaRwenzori, gorillas and safaris
14-201-3, 6-10A-DPorter support.
Hotels, huts, camping
Can be arranged
depending on venue.
Rock climbing, winter mountaineering.2-71-12B-DHotels, huts, campingCan be arranged
depending on venue.
Good -

Best Months: this is just a rough guide - detailed information.

Residential Potential related to facilities and possibilities of organising a trip extension to either cover the Duke of Edinburgh Award residential requirement or to provide opportunities to be based in a village / guesthouse / field centre etc. in order to carry out local studies.

Quality of Facilities refers to the general quality of the infrastructure in the country for travellers, quality of transport, food and accommodation.

Prices: £ = inexpensive, ££ = mid-range, £££ = expensive, ££££ = very expensive.

Enquire Now or telephone us: - UK 01550 721319, International +44 1550 721319.

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