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Fann Mountains

Trip Summary

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Fann Mountains Trek
1380€ - Group 6-15
14 Days
6/7/2014, 20/7/2014
Grade B/C
Donkey Supported
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The Fann Mountains are a part of those great ramparts of rock which run along the southern edge of the Central Asian republics and Siberia, virtually from the Caspian to the Pacific. More specifically they are part of the western Pamiro-Alai and are located in the Republic of Tadjikistan between the Zeravshan and Gissar ranges. 

Narrow canyons with clear, rushing rivers, high glaciated summits, a wide variety of colourful panoramas, picturesque river valleys and thousands of lakes set amongst juniper forests make this one of the most attractive mountain regions in Central Asia. 

Apart from the mountains, perhaps the most striking feature of Tadjikistan is the riotous sense of colour. The Tadjiks love vivid colours, as many as possible, wherever possible. They are also very hospitable people and make friends easily. In many of the small villages they still speak the ancient Sogdian dialect, the language that Alexander the Great heard when his conquests brought him to these mountains. Indeed, it is said that he camped on the shores of Iskanderkul lake - hence it is named after him.  

In 2011 the border crossing between Samarkand (Uzbekistan) and Penjikent (Tajikistan) was closed. Due to this fact in 2014 we will not be coming via Uzbekistan for the Fann Mountains trek. The group will be arriving and departing from Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. When the Border crossing is opened again we will start doing the trek the way is used to be done: flying in and out through Uzbekistan and having some sightseeing in Bukhara and Samarkand. The following itinerary is intended as a working guide only and is a subject to variation as a result of local conditions, weather and governmental restrictions. We reserve the right to alter (lengthen or shorten) the trek at any time if necessary.

- All accommodation 
- All group transport;
- Guides;
- Cook on trek;
- All meals;
- Group equipment;
- Donkeys to carry the luggage.

Not included:
- International and domestic flights;
- SGL supplement;
- Personal equipment;
- Visa consular fee.

The Fann Mountains Grade B 
* Detailed itinerary available on request. | Dates and Prices 
One of our most popular and highly acclaimed treks. A long, donkey supported trek through magical mountain scenery of crystal clear rivers and lakes, glaciers, alpine meadows, juniper forests and lofty summits. Walking is on good paths but some days are long. 



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Outline Itinerary. * Detailed itinerary available on request.
Day 1 Arrive in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. Tour of the town. Night in a hotel. Dushanbe is an ancient site, there are archaeological remnants dating back to the 5th century BC. Dushanbe (meaning “MonDay” in Persian) appeared as a small village on a MonDay marketplace. By the beginning of the 20th century there were already 3 settlements in the area. Emir of Bukhara while running away from the Red Army in 1920 made Dushanbe his residence, but only for about 1 year after which he moved on to Afghanistan. During the Soviet period Dushanbe was the capital of Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic.
Day 2 Drive to the start point of the trek – camp by the 6th Marguzor Lake in the Fann Mountains.
Day 3 The donkeys arrive in the morning to carry the luggage. After a gentle section we climb steeply, passing the village of Kiogli, to camp below the Tavasang Pass at about 3000m, (10,000').
On trek, most days involve crossing a high pass, campsites are by clear rivers or lakes.  Carry only a day pack, average walking time 5 hours per day. See trek map.
Day 12 Walk half an hour down by the picturesque valley, then 2,5 hours up to cross the Laudan Pass, 3630m, and down to camp at a vast alpine meadow in the NE part of the Kulikalon Hollow.
Day 13. Walk down the valley to our waiting transport. Drive down the Zeravshan river valley and on to Dushanbe. Hotel.
Day 14 Transfer to the airport for the return flight.

* EWP can arrange an overnight flight from London for you to join this trek. Details on request.

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