solar eclipse in the sahara

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Solar Eclipse

Libyan Sahara

solar eclipse in the sahara

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See some pictures of the 2006 eclipse.
Photos and Video Clips of 2006 trip from Mark and Sue Goulding
Sahara Solar Eclipse
Grade A to B  Fully vehicle supported, little trekking
This programme combines some of the best destinations in Libya with some really wild desert travel to reach Waw al-Namus, the heart of the Sahara, in time to see the total eclipse of the sun predicted to take place on 29th March 2006. Southern Libya will be the best location on earth to see the eclipse. (Eclipse Path | NASA Information Page) There are several days involving driving long distances over tough terrain but also on most days there are plenty of opportunities for a few hours walking during lunch stops or from campsites.
You will almost never camp within sight of other people and often in pristine countryside. All meals are cooked for you and evenings are spent round camp fires under a starry sky.

Day 1 Arrive in Tripoli and transfer to a three star hotel.
Day 2 After breakfast we drive along the coast to Leptis Magna, arguably the best preserved Roman town on the Mediterranean. After lunch we visit the museum at Leptis before returning to Tripoli and then flying Sebha, the capital of the Fezzan. Camp.
Day 3 to 7 From now on we camp in the wild desert, away from other people. On the way to Waw al-Namus we will pass through Zueila, famous for the seven graves, As-Sabaha, of followers of Mohammed who died here in battle. Waw al-Namus is a volcano with several stunning crater lakes to see and swim in. The volcano also offers a pleasant walk. We will reach here in time for the eclipse, and if past weather is anything to go by - it should be fine!
On our return journey we will head out west towards the greatest sand desert - the Murzuq Dunes.
Day 8 Cross a short section of sand then a stone desert to Wadi Methkandoush. There will be plenty of time to explore the wadi and see many of the innumerable prehistoric animal carvings for which it is famous. After lunch drive to a camp further west in the Murzuq Dunes
Day 9 Our journey takes over a black stone desert to the beautiful dunes of Wan Casa where we have lunch before continuing on to the most magnificent area of the Sahara - the Acacus mountains.
Day 10 and 11 We have to explore some of the endless wadis of the Acacus with their occasional Tuareg communities, numerous pre-historic rock carvings and paintings depicting scenes of a much lusher past.
Day 12 We leave the Acacus and drive to the oasis town of Al Awaynat from where we head back east passing the historic town of Germa to gain the Ubari sand dunes.
Day 13 Visit the beautiful Ubari Lakes, it will be possible to swim here before continuing to our camp in the dunes of wadi Jamar.
Day 14 We continue driving through the palm-studded Zellaf reserve to Birgin then on to Sebha where we will have a traditional meal with a local Bedouin family. There may be time to see a local farm before our final meal and flight back to Tripoli.
Day 15 Visit Tripoli museum then wander through the labyrinth of streets in the old town (medina). Tripoli is a fascinating and most welcoming town which never fails to leave a wonderful impression on visitors.
Day 16 Return to the airport and fly home.

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Zueila: As-Sahaba

wadi after rain

Waw al Namus
Waw al Namus
Severan Gate detail
Leptis Magna
Murzuq Fort
Murzuq Fort
Cave Painting
Cave Painting
This trip is almost full, please book soon if interested.
The eclipse will be visible on 29 March 2005, our location at Waw al-Namus will allow us to see the total eclipse.

Should you be only interested in the first few (eclipse) days of this programme please email us to discuss your requirements.

If you have a group of four you could have this trip run at any other date to suite you as a private trip but clearly without seeing an eclipse!.

Included in Cost:
All transfers, transport, food and accommodation, internal flights, guides and entry fees to museums etc. Camp equipment, tents, mattress, blanket. Cook and catering equipment.

Not Included:
Visas, tips, international flights (unless requested from UK), personal spending, personal insurance and photography fees in museums etc.

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