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Health, Hygiene and Medical Aspects

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Health and Medical Care
Health and Medical Care
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Health and Medical Care
No special precaution need be taken in advance of visiting Libya. The desert is generally quite a sterile environment and with basic sensible hygiene it should be possible to avoid illnesses. We recommend however you consult your doctor prior to visiting Libya.

For minor problems you are recommended to carry your own fist aid kit. The guide will also have a very limited first aid kit. In the event of an accident a satellite telephone is carried and medical assistance can be summoned, if necessary this could be a helicopter. Make sure your insurance covers for emergency evacuation.

We ask everybody to carry their own supply of toilet paper and matches to burn it with. Excrement is very easy to bury quite deep in sand but it is most important to destroy all toilet paper by burning. Rubbish, apart from waste Health and Medical Care, should never be left in the desert, buried or not. Please ensure all your rubbish is burnt or removed. When packing the vehicle to leave it is a good idea to cast a glance around your camping spot and other areas for rubbish accidentally left behind, maybe partly hidden by sand.

There is an ample amount of drinking water carried on the support vehicle, but between visits to towns or villages there are few places where you can shower. A useful short-term method of washing is to use a bottle of water and a wet flannel.

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