Wadi Barjuj, Murzuq and Sebha Sabha

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Wadi Barjuj, Murzuq and Sebha (Sabha)

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Wadi Barjuj, Murzuq and Sebha (Sabha)
Wadi Barjuj, Murzuq and Sebha (Sabha)
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Wadi Barjuj, Murzuq (Murzuk) and Sebha (Sabha)
Leaving the Murzuq Dunes and driving east one comes to Wadi Barjuj and one of the major farming projects in Libya utilising water from the "Great Man Made River" system. Hundreds of 500m radius circles are irrigated by rotating pipe systems on wheels. The Wadi Barjuj project is a major wheat and alfalfa producer - the green fields a stark contrast to the pale sandy dunes on the horizon.

Continuing east one passes through the once important town of Murzuq, now rather dusty with a crumbling Turkish fortress, market and a rather attractive old mosque.

A short drive north of Murzuq lies Sebha the major town of the Fezzan. It has a university, airport, shops and is surrounded by cultivated fields. There is little of the old town to see. The fortress, extensively developed by the Italians, is now used by the military. Amongst its claims to fame are that it was where Muammar Gaddafi studied and first started formulating his ideas for the revolution.

Sebha is the main centre for exploring the Fezzan: as a start point, fuelling point and re-supply point. There are daily flights from Tripoli to Sebha and also a regular bus service (allow a minimum of 8 hours by bus to Tripoli).

Camels on	a Sebha farm
Camels on a Sebha farm

Barjuj Irrigation Scheme

Barjuj Irrigation Scheme
Murzuq Fort and Mosque
Murzuq Fort and Mosque

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