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There are two main things to do:
1. Get an Arabic translation stamp in your passport (this should be done first).
2. Getting the visa.

Arabic Stamp: This is obtained as a separate procedure and is available from approved translation services.
Basically it is the information found on the main page of your passport translated into Arabic.
We ask you to do this in one of the following ways:
1. Free from the British Passport Office. You may wish to get advice from the 24-hour Passport Adviceline 0870 521 0410 about the best way to do in your case.
They prefer you to take the passport in person to a passport office and it is done there and there. By post might be possible - but then your passport will have to be sent securely and provision made for them to return it to you securely.  State clearly you need an Arabic Translation stamp for entry to Libya.
2. From the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce 0207 235 4363.
3. Using CTG - see below. Tel. 01892 673422 .
There are three main ways of obtaining a visa (after getting the Arabic Stamp):
1.  In the UK Libyan Embassy.
This involves filling out a visa application form and sending this to the consulate with your passport, photos, payment and a visa authorisation form our agent in Libya.
All details for this procedure are available on Telephone: 020 7589 6120.
2.  In the UK Libyan Embassy using a courier service eg CTG (see will help you with the process and charge you for their services. I was told today that this could be about 100. They may insist on you having a new style biometric passport.

3.  On arrival in Tripoli - in this case we (EWP) receive a  document from Tripoli stating the visa is awaiting us on arrival.
To get this we send off all your passport information to our agent in Tripoli. He will make the visa arrangements and send us the necessary document for presentation at the Airport on the basis of which we obtain the visa. At the moment we expect this to cost about 35. 
We suggest using option 1. for the Arabic Stamp and 3. for the Visa (price to be confirmed).
Consider which options will suite you best and once you have decided please inform us how you would like to proceed.  We will then make the necessary arrangements / visa support documents. Please feel free to contact us to discuss these options.

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