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Dickson on Lewis Glacier during the making of the Warren Miller ski film

Guides and Porters
Our guides and porters celebrate Christmas

Guides and Porters Dickson Kibaara Matunga, born in 1974, lives in Chogoria and Nairobi, he is our chief guide, experienced in glacier work and simple rock climbing. He has been guiding on Mt Kenya since 1995, all of this time he has been the main guide for EWP. He knows all the trekking routes on Mt Kenya and has been involved in exploration and development of new walking routes in the forest. He has also been to Kilimanjaro and has organised game viewing safaris in Samburu, Masaai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Hell's Gate and Tsavo.

Ambrose Kilimi Riungu, born in 1967, lives in Chogoria, married with one young child. He started working on the mountain in 1984 as a porter, and in 1990 as a guide, he knows all the normal walking routes n the mountain and has been involved in exploration on the mountain. He has been an assistant guide on Kilimanjaro which he has climbed five times by different routes. He has had BMC first aid training.

Festus Munene Nteere, lives in Chogoria, born in 1972, he has worked on Mt Kenya since 1994, and since 1996 as a guide. He knows the main routes on the mountain and has been involved in exploration of new routes. He has also been involved in the organisation of game viewing safaris in Kenya.

Guides and PortersJaphet Njeru, Born 1969, Japhet lives with his family near Chogoria and when not guiding used to work in the forestry. He has worked with us as a porter and a guide for over twenty years. He is a climber and an excellent, patient guide with a gentle character.
Japhet with "bamboo fruit", an extract from this is used by local villagers to cure malaria.

Ashford Kithinji Bundi, born in 1970, worked on Mt Kenya since 1989, since 1995 as a cook. He has been on the mountain more than a hundred times. He is married with one child born in 1999. He lives in Chogoria where he also works as a carpenter and carver.

Eliphas Micheni Ndiga, born in 1958, lives in Chogoria married with two children. He has worked on Mt Kenya since 1979 and is our most exprienced man on the mountain (he even has experience as a poacher when he was a boy!). He was initially involved with the development of the road from Chogoria to the Park Gate and with the exploration of routes on the east side of the mountain. From 1989 he started the development of the new route to Spa Camp and so to Ithanguni. He is an expert guide and porter on Chogoria side.

Wilson Njeru Edward, Born 1969, lives in Chogoria. He had rock climbing trained with NOLS in 1995, since then he has worked on mountain. In 1997 he received further mountain rescue training with British Army which was followed up with further traning with the Austrian Mountain Rescue team. He has climbed many routes on the mountain and guided the Normal Route 5 times, the North Face face 4 times, the West Ridge 2 times (as of April 2000). He has also completed a First Aid course with NOLS.

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