Executive Wilderness Development Programme


Executive Wilderness Programme

Mangement Development Programme


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virgin summits Programme Overview

Phase 1
Three day residential selection/assessment/development programme

Phase 2
Pre-expedition 1 to 1 executive coaching programme

Phase 3
Overseas Executive Wilderness Development Programme (16 days in Kyrgyzstan)

Phase 4
Post programme 1 to 1 coaching/support.

Unique Aspects of this Programme


  • Ascent of Virgin Summit in stunningly beautiful location.
  • Leadership team have specifically visited and identified key areas and unclimbed peaks as ideal targets.
  • Area is little visited and accessible only with local knowledge
  • Challenge internal barriers in total wilderness environment
Supported Development:
  • The developmental process spans a 12 month period and includes up to 18 days of direct client-facing work but only 10 days of abstraction from the workplace.
  • 1 to 1 coaching/support before, during and after the programme
  • Unrivalled breadth of skills, knowledge and experience of the programme leaders. our team
  • Wide spectrum of physically and mentally challenging activities
PR and Brand Image:
  • Opportunity to give an inspirational, multimedia presentation to their business groups on return plus articles in trade journals..

Contact us for more information Please provide appropriate details. We will respond as soon as possible. Places are limited because of the unique nature of the programme so quick action is recommended.
Introduction   Details   Benefits   Personal Benefits   Risk Management   Selection Requirements   Dates
General Information:    UK: 01550-721319   email: ewp@ewpnet.com
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