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Risk Management


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virgin summitsRisk Management

A comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out, and has been independently audited and is available on request.

A medical assessment will be carried out during Phase One, the selection process at no expense. A physician will be present at the base camp throughout the expedition phase.

During the expedition a satellite phone (field tested in the area concerned) will be available for use by the leadership team if necessary.

Following the selection process only suitable candidates will be accepted onto the programme.

Team leaders have a comprehensive background of academic and practical operational leadership experience. An internationally qualified guide will head the mountaineering team of qualified instructors and mountain leaders. our team

Only experienced and qualified coaches will be employed.

The area chosen has been visited, found to be suitable both from the political and mountaineering perspectivs. Further details may be found in the risk assessment document.

A Russian speaking interpreter will be present throughout the expedition.

1 to 1 coaching continues beyond the expedition phas to ensure the individual rationalises the experience and puts it into place in the context of the work place on return.

The programme will be professionally covered for public liability negligence throughout the programme for the sum of 5,000,000.

In addition, each individual will be required to take out a specified medical, repatriation and rescue insurance policy to cover all eventualities in the field. Details will be available on request.

A cancellation policy is available on request.

Contact us for more information Please provide appropriate details. We will respond as soon as possible. Places are limited because of the unique nature of the programme so quick action is recommended.
Introduction   Details   Benefits   Personal Benefits   Risk Management   Selection Requirements   Dates
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