The Lycian Way

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The Lycian Way

General Information

Trek in Turkey
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For many thousands of years this mountainous and rugged coastal area of Turkey has attracted and been home to many different peoples. Conquered and controlled by the Hittites of Anatolia the area and early Lycian peoples soon came under the influence of the expanding Greek state. The Greeks eventually were displaced by Persians who in turn were pushed out by Alexander the Great of Macedonia in the 3rd Century BC. Alexander the Great met very little opposition in Lycia and if anything was almost welcomed. His occupation, based at Xanthos, resulted in the creation of the Lycian League whose other main cities were Myra, Patara, Pinara and Tlos.

In the 2nd Century BC, after some bloody battles, the Romans took control of the area but eventually bestowed it a considerable degree of autonomy. The Lycian province flourished until the Roman Empire split up, Lycia became part of the Byzantine, Christian, world. The next major influence on the area was the coming of the Turks and the absorbtion of Lycia into the Ottoman Empire which finally led to the formation of modern Turkey.

Thus modern Lycia is a land of outstanding natural beauty combined with a rich history. The Lycian Way was created in the year 2000 by a group of enthusiasts who with the help of the local population way-marked a walking route taking in some of the best areas and sites that Lycia had to offer. In the process it opened up areas and brought life to tiny communities that had previously been virtually unknown to the outside world. Highlights include:

  • exploring the superb ruins of the ancient Lycian cities such as Xanthos and Olympos.
  • bathing or relaxing on beaches, sometimes totally alone, by a turquoise warm sea.
  • being invited in to local family homes for a meal.
  • sleeping under starry skies.
  • walking through magnificent flower-filled forests and along airy mountain ridges.
  • visiting the legendary everlasting flames of the Chimaera.
  • enjoying the birdsong and wildlife along the route.
The Lycian Way has something for everybody. There are many different ways of seeing it, choose the high mountain crossings in mid-summer, follow the coastal sections if you enjoy the sea. The spring offers the best time to see flowers and autumn to see the best forest colours and enjoy the rich fruit harvests.

The difficulty of the route varies greatly, some is along comfortable paths by beaches or through shady woodland, other sections involve rocky footpaths and hairpins climbing up steeper slopes. The higher mountain routes my involve a small section of scrambling.

Guiding Services
We are happy to help you design the best trip to suite your interests. We can provide local specialised guiding and support services.

For student and school groups we can make special arrangements to combine a superb trekking or study holiday with a few days of working and interacting with the locals. Available projects include way-marking along the Lycian Way, English speaking practice sessions for local Turkish communities, help with the harvest, etc.

Contact us for more details.
Combine the Lycian Way with yacht trip.
Purchase detailed guidebook and map to the Lycian Way.

Map of Lycian Way
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Lycian Way
Lycian Way



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