Taurus mountains

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Taurus Mountains


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Taurus or Toros is the name given to several ranges of mountains that are located on the edges of the Anatolian Plateau that itself makes up the bulk of the land mass of Turkey. The Ala Dag constitutes the highest and most compact group of peaks in the Eastern Taurus mountains, this is the area we use for our trekking trips.

Although small in area, less than 750 square kilometres, it packs in a great variety of scenery and terrain in a complex system of mountains and valleys. The bare limestone crags, often moulded into savage outlines typical of this rock, are softened by the forests to the south and east of the area, and lakes in the centre. The Ala Dag supports a very rich flora and fauna, attracting numerous botanists and ornithologists every year. The July departure is the best from the point of view of flora - fruit lovers should come later!

We offer two programmes here:

  • Cappadoccia and the Taurus is a two week programme combining the unique fairy tale landscape of Cappadocia - itself one of the richest areas historically in Turkey with a trek across the Taurus. Details.
  • The Taurus, Cappadocia, Mount Ararat combines a trek in the Taurus with a visit to Cappadocia and finally an ascent of Ararat - Turkey's highest summit. Details.

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